2016 International Conference for JSCS 30th Anniversary in Seattle. 
- Recent Advances in Genome Data Analyses, Bioinformatics and Other Fields- 
Oct 16-17, 2016, Seattle Central Library, WA.


Oct 16, 2016

9:00am-                       Registration                                                    Venue:Seattle Central Library, Level 4, Room 1 (WAMU)


9:20am-                       Opening

Koji Kurihara (Presidentof Japanese Society of Computational Statistics; Okayama University)

Takeshi Nishiyama (Chair of Conference; Aichi Medical University)

9:25am-10:25am        Keynote                                                         Chair:Takeshi Nishiyama (Aichi Medical University)

                                    “Next Generation Kernel Methods for Now Generation Sequencing Data”

Michael C. Wu*(Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)


                  20min.      Coffee break and discussion


10:45am-12:00pm      Session“Genome Data Analyses”               Chair: Masahiro Nakatochi (Nagoya University Hospital)

                                    “MAST:A flexible statistical framework for assessing transcriptional changes and characterizing heterogeneity insingle-cell RNA-seq data” PDF

Greg Finak(Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Andrew McDavid (Fred HutchinsonCancer ResearchCenter), Masanao Yajima* (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Jingyuan Deng (Fred Hutchinson Cancer), Vivian Gersuk (Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason), Alex K. Shalek (Institute for Medical Engineering & Science & Department of Chemistry), Chloe K. Slichter (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center),Hannah W. Miller (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), M. Juliana McElrath (Fred Hutchinson Cancer), Martin Prlic (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center),Peter S. Linsley (Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason), Raphael Gottardo (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

“A novel copynumber variants kernel association test with application to autism spectrumdisorders studies” PDF

Xiang Zhan* (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Santhosh Girirajan (Pennsylvania State University), Ni Zhao (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Michael C. Wu (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Debashis Ghosh (University of Colorado)

“Smooth-threshold multivariate genetic prediction with unbiased model selection” PDF

Masao Ueki* (Kurume University), Gen Tamiya (Tohoku University)

“Analysis of the association between DNA methylation sites and cardiovascular disease-related single nucleotide polymorphisms in the Japanese population” PDF

Masahiro Nakatochi* (Nagoya University Hospital), Sahoko Ichihara (Mie University), Ken Yamamoto (Kurume University), Tatsuaki Matsubara (Aichi Gakuin University) and Mitsuhiro Yokota (Aichi Gakuin University)

“Mixed-modelGenome-wide Association Analysis of Sleep Duration in a Japanese Large Cohort” PDF

Yuya Tamai* (Nagoya City University), Takeshi Nishiyama (Aichi Medical University)


                  80min.      Lunch


1:20pm-2:30pm          Invited Speaker Session                        Chair:Masao Ueki (Kurume University)

“Statistical Methods for Omics Data Integration”

Ali Shojaie* (University of Washington)

                                    “Integrative statistical methods for predicting the functional effects of genetic variants”

IulianaIonita-Laza* (Columbia University)


                  30min.      Taking a ceremonial photograph

                                    Coffee break and discussion


3:00pm-4:30pm          Contributed Paper Session 1                                  Chair:Toshinari Kamakura (Chuo University)

                                    “Sparsest factor analysis of gene expression data” PDF

Kohei Adachi*(Osaka University), Nickolay T. Trendafilov (Open University)

                                    “Theperformance of testing procedures for clinical trials with multiple binary-end-points” PDF

Kouji Yamamoto*(Osaka University), Kanae Takahashi (Osaka University Hospital)

                                    “Acomparison of the performance of randomization methods in small-size clinical trials” PDF

Kanae Takahashi*(Osaka University Hospital), Kouji Yamamoto (Osaka University)

                                    “Ananalysis of Japanese liver cancer mortality data with Bayesian age-period-cohort models” PDF

Wataru Sakamoto*(Okayama University)

                                    “Simulation of the Tsunami Damages with Poincaré Cone by Modeling for the Elevation and the Run-up Data” PDF

Toshimasa Nagai* (Chuo University), Toshinari Kamakura (Chuo University)

“Estimating theNumber of Pedestrians by Doppler Radar” PDF

Sho Komatsubara* (Chuo University), Kohei Yamamoto (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.), Motoko Tachibana (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.), Kurato Maeno (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.), Toshinari Kamakura (Chuo University)



5:30pm-                       Conference Dinner                                                                             Venue:Elliott's Oyster House & Café


Oct 17,2016

9:15am-                       Registration                                                    Venue:Seattle Central Library, Level 4, Room 1 (WAMU)


9:20am-10:20am        Contributed Paper Session 2                                  Chair:Hiroshi Yadohisa (Doshisha University)

                                    “Fuzzy clusterwise generalized structured component analysis with non-negative constraint” PDF

Yoji Yamashita*(Kagoshima Immaculate Heart University), Kensuke Tanioka (Wakayama Medical University), Hiroshi Yadohisa (Doshisha University)

                                    “Simultaneous confidence bands for contrasts between several nonlinear regression curves” PDF

Xiaolei Lu (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics), Satoshi Kuriki* (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)

                                    “Simulation Study of Causality Change with Infinite Order Vector Autoregressive Processes” PDF

Ryo Kinoshita*(Osaka University), Kosuke Oya (Osaka University), Mototsugu Shintani (Tokyo University and Vanderbilt University)

“Indoor Location Estimation in NLoS Environment Based on ToA Method with Particle Filter” PDF

Atsushi Yoshida* (Chuo University), Takenori Sakumura (Chuo University),Toshinari Kamakura (Chuo University)


20min.      Coffee break and discussion


10:40am-11:40am       Contributed Paper Session 3                                  Chair:Yuichi Mori (Okayama University of Science)

                                    “Visualizing and Exploratory Data Analysis for Small Area Suicide Data” PDF

Takafumi Kubota*(Tama University)

                                    “Interactive Statistical Analysis for Item Response Theory using Shiny” PDF

Hiroko Katayama(Okayama University of Science), Hirotaka Asahara (Okayama University of Science), Naoki Mizutani (Okayama University of Science), Masahiro Kuroda(Okayama University of Science) and Yuichi Mori* (Okayama University of Science)

“A study on the Analysis of the refused logs by Internet Firewall” PDF

Hiroyuki Minami* (Hokkaido University), Masahiro Mizuta (Hokkaido University)

“Clustering large data sets using Map Reduce and Apache Spark” PDF

Yoshikazu Yamamoto* (Tokushima Bunri University), Mami Matsuda (VSN,Inc), Yuki Fujimoto (Tokushima Bunri University), Nobuo Shimizu (The Institute ofStatistical Mathematics), Junji Nakano (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)


11:40am-11:50am       Closing

Masahiko Ohishi(President-elect of Japanese Society of Computational Statistics; MSD/Merck)


Afternoon                   Short tour (2 hours)


                                    Coffee break and discussion


                                    “Two stage variable selection approach to detect Gene×Environment interactions for Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS)”

Hiroaki Iijima*(Hokkaido University Hospital), Yoichi M. Ito (Hokkaido University), MasahiroMizuta (Hokkaido University)

                                    “Asymptotic cut-off point in linear discriminant rule which adjusts misclassification probabilitywhen the dimension is relatively large compared to the sample sizes”

Takayuki Yamada*(Kagoshima University), Tetsuto Himeno (Shiga University), Tetsuro Sakurai(Tokyo University of Science, Suwa)

                                    “Simple Asymmetry Models for Square Contingency Tables with Ordered Categories”

Kouji Tahata* (TokyoUniversity of Science)

                                    “Detection of space-time clusters for radiation monitoring post data based on echelon scan statistics”

Fumio Ishioka*(Okayama University), Koji Kurihara (Okayama University)

                                    “Current situations on clinical research support and the role of biostatisticians inJapan”

Makoto Tomita*(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)



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