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Invitation of Membership

In the recent information society, statistical science research and its fields of application are becoming more and more important. When we use diversified forms of multimedia data bases created in various fields effectively, statistical data-analysis as a data science is applied extensively. This is true not only of academic research fields but also society in general. One role of statistical science is maintenance and development of modern society. Since computational statistics was advocated in the United States and Europe, research and development of statistical software packages and statistical analysis by computer have been one of the largest driving forces for the study of statistical science. In these days, there are many commercial program packages. It seems that they should be evaluated as an important social contribution by computational statistics, however, looking at the present domestic condition, collaboration between statistical science researchers and software developers is insufficient. Due to the interaction between findings within limited fields, it seems we have yet to utilize their findings more effectively.

Consequently, we thought there was a need for an academic society which could carry out vigorous theoretical and applied research on statistical methodology and its software through close joint research and development between the two. For that reason, we established JSCS.

Therefore, please give us your support and membership so that much more progress and development of computational statistics may be attained.
  1. Our society in the name of the Japanese Society of Computational Statistics aims to work for progress and development of computational statistics in our country through international research interaction and cooperation by the people who are engaged in research, development and the application of statistical science and computer systems.  
  2. Our society has the following operations:
    1. Publication of (Japanese and English) journals and newsletters.
    2. Holding of study and academic meetings.
    3. Conferment of society awards.
    4. Other operations to attain our purpose.
  3. Our membership consists of regular members, student members and supporting members. A regular member is an individual who signs up due to a shared interest in our purpose, student members are those individuals under doctoral programs who sign up due to a shared interest in our purpose and supporting members are associations which sign up due to a shared interest in our operations.  
  4. The fee is as follows:
    regular membersadmission fee1.000 yenannual fee7,000 yen
    student membersadmission fee1.000 yenannual fee4,000 yen
    supporting membersadmission fee--annual fee30,000 yen per a unit
revised on Jan. 1, 2000